dogWe don't know how often you think about your pet's food, but we can guarantee that they do. All the time.

Most pets aren't really finicky, they can just tell the difference between that stuff you buy on-sale at the grocery store and throw into your cart at the last minute, and the real thing.

Actually, our pets are rather uncomplicated.
They say what they mean and they mean what they say. And if they could talk to you (and we're sure many of your pets do!) they would probably ask you to at least TRY to improve their dining selections.

If making a difference in the life of your pet matters to you, well then you'll want to try ProFeed. You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you're doing the best for your pet. And you will certainly enjoy the extra attention you get for making the right choice.

"So when Stephanie, my owner, brought
home some Pro Feed seed and pellet blend
I was simply struck speechless..."
HAZELBINE, 9 year old Macaw

We're in the business of educating people about the pets they love. We help owners make good decisions when caring for their pets. We listen very carefully, then we suggest options and freely share knowledge from our experience and what we've learned from industry professionals. Providing accurate information about feeding your pet is our job. Quality of nutrition means quality of life; just think how many times your Mom has told you that.

The fact is, we have better quality, and a wider variety of products on hand than our competition. We're chock-full of great food, fun toys, and other pet care items. Your pets will be with you for a long time. So will we.

"I'm usually on a see-food diet. When I
see food, I eat it. But when I discovered
Pro Feed's organic raw meat,
WOOF WOOF !! .."
óMAX, Golden Retriever Puppy
"I'm the best hunter in the neighborhood,
but I gotta tell ya, this venison in a can?
Where'd they get this?"
KARLA, 21 year old domestic tabby